6 places to paddleboard in Quebec

Paddleboarding, or paddle boarding, is an increasingly popular outdoor activity in Quebec, with many beautiful places to practice the sport. Here are 6 of the best places to paddleboard in Quebec, along with photos to give you an overview of each location.

  1. Lac Tremblant - Mont-Tremblant, Quebec Lac Tremblant is a top destination for water sports enthusiasts, including paddleboarding. With magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, this lake offers a tranquil and relaxing paddleboarding experience.

  2. La Mauricie National Park - Shawinigan, Quebec La Mauricie National Park is a destination of choice for nature lovers, with its magnificent lakes and breathtaking landscapes. Wapizagonke Lake is particularly suitable for paddleboarding due to its calm and peaceful waters.

  3. Lake Massawippi - Magog, Quebec Lake Massawippi is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Estrie region and offers breathtaking picturesque landscapes. With its calm waters and numerous bays, Lake Massawippi is an excellent place to practice paddleboarding. 

  4. The St. Lawrence River - Montreal, Quebec The St. Lawrence River offers a unique paddleboarding experience with spectacular views of the city of Montreal. The waters of the river are often calm and peaceful, providing an enjoyable and relaxing paddleboarding experience.

  5. The Saint-Maurice River - Trois-Rivières, Quebec The Saint-Maurice River is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, offering spectacular views of the surrounding region. Paddleboarding on the Saint-Maurice River is a unique and exciting experience that you will never forget. 

  6. Lake Memphremagog - Magog, Quebec Lake Memphremagog is another lake in the Estrie region that offers spectacular views and calm waters for paddleboarding. With its crystal clear waters and numerous bays, Lake Memphremagog is a great place to spend a day paddleboarding. 

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